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The database allows you to find knowledge, projects or initiatives undertaken in recent years at European, national, regional, local levels, classified by theme.



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Research progress
The roadmap for research is defined on the basis of the 8 axes of the Strategic Agenda for Research and Innovation, it allows to visualize the progress of research for each axis.


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Shellfish mapping
It allows you to locate production areas, research centers, professional organizations in addition to providing information on the different elements.



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All the deliverables of Euroshell project can be found in this section.

WP1: Project management

D1.1 Mailing list

D1.2 Kick-off meeting report

D1.3 Website

D1.4 Quality Management Plan

D1.5 Final report submitted

WP2: Validation of methodology, knowledge transfer through an extension network

D2.1 Overview of existing rules and best-practices for knowledge transfer

D2.2 SWOT analysis of structures for knowledge transfer between science and industry

D2.3 Recommendations for improving the dissemination of research outcomes

D2.4 Methodology for the delivery of research outputs

D2.5 Set of guidelines for knowledge transfer in both directions

D2.6 Recommendations for improving the practice of knowledge transfer in terms of process and structure

D2.7 Research roadmap from the shellfish industry in Europe

WP3: Reviewing current knowledge

D3.1 Template for summaries of research

D3.2 Individual research summaries of EU and national research projects

D3.3 Short synopsis of each thematic area

D3.5 Web based repository for knowledge in the shellfish sector

WP4: Tools for an extension network

D4.1 List of shellfish production areas and associated databases

D4.2 Shape of shellfish farming production areas with its associated database

D4.3 List of shellfish farmers' organizations

D4.4 Shape of shellfish farmers organizations

D4.5 D4.7 Lists of research bodies and technical centers

D4.6 D4.8 Shape of research bodies and technical centers for the shellfish sector and their associated database

D4.9 Roadmap of research as an html page with its enclosed program for a graphical display

WP5: Regional consultation workshops

D5.1 Brittany workshop report

D5.2 Poitou-Charentes workshop report

D5.3 Mediterranean workshop report

D5.4 Irish workshop report

D5.5 Galician workshop report

D5.6 Italian workshop report

D5.7 Dutch workshop report

D5.8 Best practices document

D5.9 Extension network embryo

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